June 28, 2014

10 Life Lessons Learned From NCSY

And for our final post of 60 Days of NCSY, we'd like to share with you 10 Life Lessons that current and former NCSYers shared with us from their time in NCSY.



1. “NCSY taught me that while I may just be one teen in one chapter in one region in one youth group, I can bring immeasurable light into the world, one act of kindness at a time. With a friendly smile and an open heart, I can change the world.”

– Molly Werthan 

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2. “[NCSY has taught me] how to be a leader (not a follower).”

– Rena Blechner

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3. “NCSY taught me that I have my own value and that I can have friends who appreciate my quirks.”

– Meira E. Schneider-Atik 


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4. “NCSY’s amazing staff has taught me that when someone needs your help, be there for them. It makes all the difference to the person.”

– Phillip Dolitsky

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5. “Through NCSY I have learned to see the good surrounding me in this world and learned to trust that Hashem is supporting and guiding me through life. I have learned to be truly happy and thankful for everything that I am so lucky to have, and not only to appreciate it, but to “return the favor” by spreading positivity as much as possible and inspire others to do the same in any ways that I can.”

– Leeor Israeli

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6. “Even though I grew up in an observant home, Richmond, VA didn’t have a large religious community. Starting with Jr. NCSY and continuing all the way through high school, we kids stuck together and made it a stronger and more vibrant community. We learned to stand up for our beliefs and at the same time, we learned to be tolerant of those who were not yet observant, or who were growing in their commitment to Yiddishkeit. Advisors were always ready, willing and able to help us navigate our personal crises du jour, and in doing so, we became stronger in our commitments. That strength has enabled us to stay true to the Torah way of life, and to raise a generation that proudly carries the flame. And now, THAT generation is raising their children in the same path. Does it get any better than that? “We behold the days as they come; in Hashem alone we shall rely… See the flame of Torah burning… This is the essence of NCSY.” Thank you NCSY!”

– Seena Eisenman 



7. “Be open to diversity, you’ll be surprised at how much you learn to love!”

– Corrine Malachi

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8. “NCSY has taught me that even when you’re stuck in a hard place, there are always people behind you who will try to get you out. Although you may feel trapped at the moment, you will eventually break free with some help from above!”

– Kalman Clement

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9. “NCSY taught me the value of being a Jew. Next, as someone who values Judaism and it’s principles, NCSY taught me to conquer all goals I set for myself in order to become better than the best I can be. Now, NCSY gives me loads of strength in order to keep going in the best direction!”

– Miriam Waxman First 

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10. “NCSY taught me how to be happy which is the best life lesson of all. The passion, devotion, and happiness that all NCSY staff have for both NCSY and Judaism is undeniably contagious. This therefore instills the same passion and happiness in me which I am able to take even outside of NCSY.”

– Ariel Cohen

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