May 8, 2014

20 Best & Worst Excuses for Being Caught After Curfew

If you've ever been an advisor on a Shabbaton then you've definitely come across the infamous "out after curfew excuse."

1. My watch is slow
2. I didn’t realize what time it was
3. I thought we changed the clocks
James Franco Shrug
4. I thought we were on camp time
Colin Farrell Shrug
5. It’s just the hallway!
Obama Bitch Please
6. I’m sharing clothes with my friend
7. I’m sephardi – slichot?
8. My room’s on fire
Dr. Steve Brule OMG
9. OMG, I left my toothbrush in my friend’s room
10. I got lost
11. I have a chavrusa,” “With who?” “Umm.. my boyfriend”

not so much

12. I’m helping out with……. that thing
13. I’m an advisor

Tom Hanks – Really?

14. My roommate snores
justin bieber animated GIF
15. I snore
shrug animated GIF
16. I work for the hotel

question mark

17. I’m on REBO
18. I’m not on the shabbaton
19. I have a nametag
20. Spontaneous Kumzitz


And when all else fails…. the forced cry

crying animated GIF


Came up with better excuses when you were an NCSYer? Heard of any worse excuses as an advisor? Comment below and share on Facebook and Twitter with all your NCSY friends!