May 2, 2014

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Southern NCSY

Southern Regions-01
By Rabbi Ben Gonsher, Director of Southern NCSY Institutional Advacement

GA_81881. NCSY started in Savannah, GA — Go Southern Region!


2. Southern is the only region to run a public school only Shabbaton for teens from multiple regions.


3. Southern NCSY used to span the largest geographic area from Texas to North Carolina. Divided into 3 districts, the region had kids driving on busses for 48 hours for a 48 hour Shabbaton!


4. Southern NCSY forgot about a little something called “winter” — and had Shabbatons in campsites in Georgia, completely forgetting that Southern NCSYers had NO IDEA what hats, gloves or even blankets were in order to pack them!
6 things


5. Alumni from Southern NCSY have gone on to start communities in Israel (Rabbi Zev Leff), build local Jewish institutions (Bauman) and even launch online travel websites! (Robert Diener)


6. Southern NCSY used to be home to Summer Kollel Mini Kollels during winter break — who wouldn’t want to spend a week in January in Miami, even if it meant learning full time?

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