June 20, 2014

60 Days of Growth – Bring It All Together For Shabbat (Day 52)

We have learned a ton about Shabbat over the course of the last 52 days and as I mentioned all the way back on Day 4 ”keeping” Shabbat is only a small part of what Shabbat is really about. Let’s review:

There are actually 4 pillars of Shabbat:

  1. Oneg Shabbat – Enjoying Shabbat (By eating)
  2. Kavod Shabbat – Making Shabbat Great or Important (By lighting candles)
  3. Zchirat Shabbat – Remembering Shabbat (By making Havdalah)
  4. Shmirat Shabbat – Keeping Shabbat

shutterstock_8924275Each one of these pillars comes to us from the Torah and God created Shabbat with all 4 pillars in mind, not just one of them. One of the core aspects of Judaism is balance, balancing spirituality and physicality, balancing earning a living and learning Torah, balancing our relationship with God and our relationship with people. It is a constant struggle that we have to work on, walking this tightrope, but it is so rewarding. The real key to what Shabbat is really about is balancing all 4 of these pillars and having them work in tandem to create the ultimate day which is a taste of heaven.

So, today’s Jewish mission is to bring it all together for Shabbat. Take some time and review the 4 pillars and some of the actions associated with them (you can click the links above) and then try and bring them all together into your Shabbat experience this week. Keep in mind that Shabbat (like everything in life) is a work in progress and each week is greater than the previous one. Just like learning to ride a bike, the more you do it the better you get at balancing yourself.

Have an amazing Shabbat and may it truly be a Shabbat Shalom – Peaceful Shabbat.