May 27, 2014

60 Days of Growth – Listen to Music (Day 29)

We are told about Elisha the prophet (Kings II 3:15), “וְהָיָה כְּנַגֵּן הַמְנַגֵּן, וַתְּהִי עָלָיו יַד-יְהוָה – when the musicians played their music he felt the presence of God”. It is clear from this line that there is a very heavy spiritual power to music, in fact, we know that the Chassidic Masters over the last few hundred years have used the power of music to tap into the soul. Music is a very powerful tool in raising our spiritual awareness and bringing ourselves closer to God and our Jewish Heritage.


The Kabbalah teaches us that “music is the language of the spiritual world”. What does this mean? Why is music such a powerful spiritual tool? Well, as we have said before, God gave us the power of creation and he “uploaded” into us all of our creativity and power. Every expression of this creativity is an expression of God’s love for us and an expression of our creative abilities, which are a gift from and emulating God. Music is no exception, in fact it is a much higher level. Our mouths are a very special, the power of speech is what separates us from the animal world. However, when we speak, things can be taken one way or another, and we can use words to convey positive or negative messages. But when we sing a tune, or a niggun as it is known in Hebrew, there are no negative possibilities, only the pure essence of our soul.

So, today’s Jewish mission is to listen to some music, preferably something Jewish, and try and connect to God and your Spiritual Jewish Heritage through the music.

Note: Tonight will also be Yom Yerushalayim, the day on which celebrate our reunification of Jerusalem – there are many concerts around the country in celebration, go out and enjoy one! (If you happen to be in San Diego tonight, join us for our annual Yom Yerushalayim Concert!)