May 1, 2014

60 Things Every True NCSYer Knows How to Do

How many of these 60 things do you know how to do? Be honest with yourself, keep track and find out if you are a TRUE NCSYer below!

By Aryeh Smith and Rabbi Yossi Schwartz

How many of these 60 do you know how to do? Be honest with yourself, keep track and find out if you are a TRUE NCSYer below!

1. Sport NCSY swag at shabbatons

2. Know all the hand motions to kol haolam kulo

3. Know the difference between Advisors and NCSYers 

4.  Try to get NCSY advisors to go out with each other

5. Ask “are you shomer negiah?” without being creepy

6. Get advisors to let you go to your room during programs

7. Look innocent while doing something very wrong

8. Look like your are doing something wrong but you are innocent 

9. Be the first one in line to wash al nitilas yidayim

10. Wear a yarmulka, but it doesn’t look like you are wearing a yarmulke

11.  Sneak out of your room

12. Come with the most creative thing to say after “you look so beautiful as usual….”

13.  Never getting sick of tov lehodos

14.  Be at the bus pick up on time and then realizing  the bus is an hour late 

15. Be cool with sleeping on the floor

16.  Make black jeans look good as shabbos pants

17 . Tell people you’re a grade older than you actually are

18. Know what NCSY used to stand for

19. Tell people that NCSY stands for “nothing can stop you”

20.  During benching, know whether to stand at “Shabbos” or  “menucha”

21. Become a vegetarian  a week before the shabbaton 

22. Send a shabbat-o-gram 

23. Rock the bow ties 

24. Know when to put your arm over your friend’s shoulder during ebbing

25.  Know how to fake the words you don’t know to songs

26. Crowd surf

27. Start the moshpit

28. Not get dizzy by speaking in the circle

29. Know which programs you can ditch at a shabbaton without getting in trouble

30. Remember everyone’s name 

31.  Be smooth about not remembering a names

32. Refer to people as “Yo”

33. Get scholarships for Shabbatons 

34. Not say the same dvar torah as everyone else

35. Not use the word inspire in your dvar torah 

36. Have an original inspiring story 

37. Say “I was that boy”

38. Make the crowd cry at kumsitz

39. Have the most creative questions about shomer negiah

40.  Not fall off your chair when you stand up to get everyone attention

41. Find spots in the hotel/camp grounds where you won’t get caught doing whatever you shouldn’t be doing

42. Keep up with your advsiors

43. Post pictures up on facebook right after the Shabbaton

44.   Regret some of you pictures that you posted right after Shabbaton 

45.  Refrain from  texting on Shabbos 

46.  Daven at the hashkama minyan

47. Bring your own candy

48.  Make signs for you chapter

49. Sing your chapter song the loudest

50. Wear advisiors name badges

51. Breakdance

52. Know all the steps to the yidden dance

53. Convince your parents that NCSY is not sketchy 

54. Convince your friends that NCSY is cool

55. Know what all the awards means at banquet

55. Be cool with getting the kesser shem tov award 

56. Scream when another girl gets an award 

57. Know who they’re talking about when  they say “This NCSYER…..” 

58.  Act surprised when you get the NCSYer of the year and shed tears for the picture

59.  Be cool about not getting the NCSYer of year award

60. Let NCSY change your life to become the most inspired Jew!



Scored 1-15:

The 9 Kinds of NCSYers in EVERY Region

Have you ever attended an NCSY event before? We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe just a couple… Well now that you’ve been privy to this list, learn a thing or 2 (or 60), go to another shabbaton and do it right! Make beautiful posters for your chapter, learn all the hand motions to kol haolam kulo, (and maybe skip out on some of the sketchier stuff) – it’s sure to be an experience you won’t forget!


Scored 16-45:

The 9 Kinds of NCSYers in EVERY Region

You enjoy  NCSY events, attend the occasional shabbaton and maybe even hit up a latte and learning every so often. However, you have not yet made NCSY your LIFE and have not learned the ropes to maximize a shabbaton to its fullest. After all, what’s a shabbaton without losing your voice, managing on 3 hours of sleep and sneaking off to do the things advisors know you’re doing, but don’t want you to do?!


Scored 46-60:

The 9 Kinds of NCSYers in EVERY Region

Congratulations! You are a true SUPER NCSYer! In fact, your very essence embodies NCSY. To you, NCSY isn’t a youth group, it’s a lifestyle. You probably have never missed a Shabbaton, night activity, or any event since you’ve been involved. You clearly eat, sleep and breath NCSY, and let’s be honest — probably dream about it too.


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