May 3, 2014

33 Best Saturday Night Activities of All Time!

Because everyone knows that the best part of the Shabbaton is the Saturday night activity.

1. Glow in the dark dodgeball tournament

2. Limo palooza scavenger hunt

3. Laserlight show and jet boating

4. Fire and ice Havdalah and ice skating

5. Shakes and laser tag

6. Spa night and make your own pizza

7. Indoor water park

8. Zombie hunting in a corn maze

9. Real life Hunger Games capture the flag

10. The all nighter

11. Maccabia – color war

12. The Q!

13. Whirlyball

14. NCSY 500: 6 hour go-karting race with sponsors

15. Dougies fire popper Eat-a-Thon for NCSY Torah Fund

16. Double Dare

17. Whose line is it anyway

18. Watching The Blair Witch Project in the forest

19. Western fair in a real barn (stable auction house with live chickens, pigs, rabbits and kids)

20. Outdoor night time mini golf

21. Carnival with parrots and monkeys

22. Casino night

23. Personal fireworks display from a farm

24. Circus training

25. Bowling for Israel

26. Boat ride

27. Dave & Busters all night

28. Go-kart racing

29. Moon Bounce

30. Glow-in-the-dark capture the flag on the beach

31. All-nighter at a Bounce House

32. Igloo building

33. Jump Sky High



Did we miss out on an awesome Saturday night activity your region had? Let us know! Comment below and share on Facebook and Twitter with all your NCSY friends!