May 17, 2014

Havdalah Through The Decades + Video

Happy 60th anniversary NCSY Havdalah! Believe it or not, NCSY's famous Havdalah has been with them from the very beginning.

As you travel through the decades, you’ll realize the colors change, styles change and people change. But in it all, the warm, cohesive, inviting and inspirational NCSY Havdalah ceremony shines through. Plus, watch the video at the end highlighting Havdalahs from across North America.


68 - National 1968.jpeg 80s Girls with candles at Havdallah 80s Scan.jpeg_1 80s Scan.jpeg_2 93 - Scan 118.jpeg 95 - NJ Spring regional - 95.jpeg 96 - NJ Spring Regional 96.jpeg 98? Scan 123.jpeg_1 1997.jpeg 2000s - Scan 125.jpeg 2002.jpeg 2007 Winter Regional 2008 Havdallah 2011 - Photos by MKruter 482 2011 - Scan 120.jpeg 2012 - regional baord at havdallah - LTS Ignite Fall 2012



Check out our new Havdalah Video!