June 27, 2014

You Know You are an NCSY Staff Member When…. + FUN PHOTOS

It's a round-the-clock job and one that somehow always has your car smelling like pizza... check out these 25 things most NCSY staff members can relate to.

1. Your children’s favorite song is “Someday”
2. You are not really sure what Memorial Day is
3. Your Facebook feed is filled with promposals
4. When your life begins to resemble a cell phone plan with unlimited nights and weekends
5. You don’t watch tv or movies but you dream of owning a full home theater setup
6. The workers at the pizza store are confused when you come in on a Saturday night, “oh, is there an NCSY program tonight?”
7. You are cleaning for pesach and find 15 different hotel keys
8. You get a baby stretchy in the mail that says “future NCSYer” after having a baby! x8
9. You translate simple Jewish words to your frum family before realizing that they already know what it means
10. When 50% of your contact list consists of bus drivers and people half your age
11. You know what page 100 song 4 and page 109 song 35 is..
12. Your car always smells like pizza
13. You claim the only reason you have Facebook is “to stay in touch with teens”
14. People shoot you dirty looks while overhearing your phone conversations about the 6-8 “clubs” you attend a week
15. You’ve managed to collect a full wardrobe of NCSY clothing from cufflinks to slippers
16. Every status involves: BEST.(Insert verb, noun IN CAPS here). EVER
17. You haven’t spent a holiday weekend at home in the past 10 years
18. You seem a little creepy because you’re 32 years old but 90% of your Facebook friends are under the age of 18
 19. You can read hotel floor plans even though you’ve never studied that industry
 20. The idea of hosting 50 people in your home isn’t intimidating at all
21. Your car becomes a storage unit for NCSY flyers and “swag”
22. The idea of a staff meeting or conference call after 8pm doesn’t phase you
23. The only number you know off by heart is the access code to your region’s conference call
24. When your laptop automatically connects to the Wifi at the [fill in city] Hilton
25. You get a huge chelek in shamayim – fingers crossed!


And now for some fun shots of staff members from across the regions and national…



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