June 2, 2014

You know you were an NCSY Techie When….

NCSY techies -- can't live with them, can't live without them. Check out the top 22 things that sum up an NCSY techie.

The 9 Kinds of NCSYers in EVERY Region

1. Your pants have way too many pockets

2. You wear sneaks on Shabbat

3. You can solve any problem

4. You take pride in connecting TVs

5. You missed 2 belt loops

6. Your jeans are 10 sizes too big


7. You know how to arrange a cookie platter

8. Regional staff asks you to do personal errands

9. Your pants are being weighed down by your gadgets

10. You have your own swag

11. You talk on your walkie talkie with the same sense of urgency as a hostage negotiator

12. You love to carry chairs


13. You have lots of keys

14. You were never in the running for NCSYer of the year

15. No one knows your age

16. No one knows your name

17. No one speaks to you unless they need a wifi password

18. You have a goatee


19. They know your name at Staples

20. You wear a t-shirt from the 80s

21. You’re the controller of the reflector vests

22. You have answers to every question


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