May 10, 2014

13 Common Misconceptions (About Judaism) After Your First NCSY Shabbaton

Wait...Havdallah isn't always two hours long?

Do you remember your first NCSY Shabbaton? Don’t worry you’re not the only one who pretended to know what ebbing and circle time was. And you’re probably not the only who thought all Jewish institutions stand on their chairs, straining their vocal chords before Friday night prayers. Good news is, for those who stuck it out a Shabbaton or two, you then learned the ropes, were in the know.. and maybe even started leading havdallah dancing yourself…

Havdalah 2 Hours

co-ed activities

Ebbing - song

advisors cool

jews love stale potato chips

kosher food

must sing benching

shabbat = rabbi

pre-shabbos ruah

rabbi slow

sem:yeshiva pre-req

waterparks are sep 

rabbi tie


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