May 4, 2014

These Parents are Really Thankful for NCSY

And we're really thankful for these parents!

Parent - thank you

“The strongest and most amazing thing NCSY does is giving kids role models. NCSY advisors and staff have a great ability to inspire. They ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk.’ There’s nothing more satisfying than watching Jewish kids learn to love their Judaism.”

Aaron and Tammy Attias
Bal Harbour, FL


Gianina Abouzaglo

Gianina Abouzaglo

“NCSY has given our children a greater sense of what it means to be proud Jews. The various activities and programming have instilled within them confidence in their faith, knowledge and understanding, as well as joy in the friendships they have created. We are extremely blessed to be part of the NCSY family.”

Gianina Abouzaglo
Dallas, TX


“NSCY’s TJJ was a profound metamorphic experience personally, religiously and educationally for our daughter.  As a result of this summer’s experience, her personal growth flourished, her leadership skills strengthened and her confidence and determination heightened.  Prior to TJJ, Judaism was just a religion. Now it is a way of life for Rachel and our family.”

Susan Engelson
Phoenix, AZ

Alan Weinstock

Alan Weinstock


“What NCSY offers is not available anyplace else. The camaraderie, the enthusiasm, the fellowship – in a wholesome authentically traditional Jewish environment. That is priceless.”

Alan Weinstock
New Haven, CT


“Portland NCSY has been a destination for Jonah to further develop leadership skills and Jewish knowledge while enjoying fun activities with teens from Jewish communities in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver BC and beyond. Through his active participation on the board and in the programs, he’s made good friends and broadened his worldview.”

Ari Rothstein
Portland OR


“NCSY has become an integral part of our entire family. Beginning with developing long-lasting friendships with Jewish teens far beyond their school walls to watching my son Skype Torah with a boy he met in Denmark on an NCSY Summer experience to hearing my daughter’s excitement at finally becoming old enough to volunteer on a Jr. NCSY Shabbaton.

Sara Kutliroff

Sara Kutliroff

NCSY has taught my family the value of becoming Jewish role models and igniting the spark in others. I am certain that through the amazing experiences and relationships they have made through NCSY, our children will stay ignited for the rest of their lives.”

Sara Kutliroff
Skokie, IL


“Growing up in Savannah, the birthplace of NCSY, I made many friends who I am still close with today. Although I was born into a modern orthodox family, NCSY helped me grow even more in Torah learning and practice.  With the influence of Rabbi Chaim Wasserman, then the Associate National director of NCSY, I went to Yeshiva and traveled to many Shabbatons in Southern region, which at that time stretched all the way to Texas.

I met and became engaged to my wife of 38 years while coordinating a Shabbaton in Memphis, TN. I now have children and grandchildren, B”H, that have been and continue to this day to be part of NCSY.”

Nosson Garfunkel
Savannah, GA

Stacy Rothman-Wechsler

Stacy Rothman-Wechsler


“My boys have become true examples of what they are taught to think about when they are involved with NCSY. They embody strong Jewish values and they put other people before themselves. NCSY has inspired them and helped to mold their character.”

Stacey Rothman-Wechsler
San Diego, CA


“I can honestly say that about 3 years ago I would have doubted [a year in Israel] to be my daughter’s choice, and I am very grateful that through her involvement with NCSY over the years, and this year in particular as regional president, she has become more serious and interested in developing her adult Jewish self.”

Joyce Joseph
Cherry Hill, NJ


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