May 18, 2014

24 Best & Worst Parts of Being an Advisor

Sure you don't get to sleep for 72 hours... you need to live off of stale potato chips and instant coffee... you are forced to endure long bus rides with loud, cheering, screaming, excited, and overly hyper teenagers... And maybe even experience some of the following other minor annoyances, but no advisor can deny the sweet perks that come along with the position as well.



1. Finally becoming an advisor and NCSYer friends doubting your authority



2. Finding out how much money is in an advisor’s paycheck


3. NCSYers calling dibs on you to be their learning partner



4. Trying to make a funny joke in a skit… and it just doesn’t work


5. Trying to wake up NCSYers and convince them to go to davening


6. Being yelled at by staff for not getting NCSYers to davening on time


7. The results of stopping to call an NCSYer for your phone chavrusa


8. Trying to impress other advisors for shidduch purposes


9. When you don’t find a suitable marriage partner at regional and your NCSYers are just like


And best…


10. Getting to leave a program when you’re boredHappy Dance


11. Not having curfew


12. Getting Free flights

love animated GIF


13. Having volunteer work to add to your resume


14. Having high school kids finally think  your coolOMG


15. Believing you are saving the worldJim Carey Excited


16. Finally being able to leave the dining room without an excuse


17.  Being an expert in shomer negiah


Don’t Touch ME!


18. Being flown to hot places during winter break

ocean gif animated GIF


19. Free dating event

Audience Freakout


20. Cheaper than SYAS

Seinfeld Happy Dance


21. Getting to boss people around



22. Getting 500 Facebook friends overnight



23. Having a frum reason to reactivate Facebook after coming back from Israel



24. Winning advisor of the Year Award




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