April 30, 2014

43 Words and Phrases You Only Hear at NCSY

You definitely haven't heard of all them but you've certainly heard of some of them.

Word Cloud-large-01

1. “Pre-Shabbas ruach”

– David Lamm

2. “#nothingcanstopyou”

– Binyomin Barman

3. “Negiah Patrol!”

– Ari Hoffman

4.  “Heter kiruv”

– Zvi Lampert

5. “Why do drugs when you can get high on Torah?!”

– Miriam Waxman

6. ” You look so beautiful as usual inside and outside and all around especially your…”

– Orly Ohayon

7. “Circle time”

– Avi Alpert

8. “See you at latte”

– Moshe Heideman

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9.  “He may be my basharet!”

– Emma Leigh Rubenstein

10. “Ah what?”

– Ofir Afenzar

11. “Are you shomer?”

– Benjamin Grad

12. “Didn’t we meet on last regional?”

– Caiti Franks

13. “Birkat baby hamazon”

– Malke Zekiyah

14. “Sterling example of a ben/bat Torah”

– Ellen Miller Schabes

15.  “GO BOSS!!!!”

– Channa Shriki

16. “Give me real food! I’m starving”

– Sarra Paige Laskin

17. “I LOVE Shabbaton food!”

– Rena Blechner

Word Clouds-small-05

18. “OMHKBH!”

– Leeor Israeli

19. “Back in the day… “Aaron Simon Aaron Simon no last name no last name. You can call him Aaron you can call him Simon no last name no last name.”

– Jessie Sofen

20. “Coffee and chillin’ (aka Latte & Learning)”

– Ilana Barzel

21. “There are three ways to remove peanut butter from the roof of your mouth…”

– Seena Eisenman

22. “No, I’m ACTUALLY going to be an advisor after HS. I promise!”

– Rivka Lichtenstein

23. “Let’s get tisch-faced!”

– Miriam Brodie

24. “To get us in the mood” “OOC”

– Devorah Estreicher Messing

25. “I just played basketball for six hours straight. What? Yeah, I’m in Kollel”

– Moshe Heideman

26. “Oh My Hashem”

– Ezra Rifkin

Word Clouds-small-03

27. “It’s a really great program, I promise you, you won’t want to miss it”

– Rena Blechner

 28. “Hhhhhhhh bbbaaabbbbbyyyyyy”

– Ariella Fuzailof

29.  “I hope my comment on NCSY’s status gets put in ignite!”

– Miriam Waxman

30. “Its hard to be a jew in the army of the tzar”

– Susan Feuerstein

31. “Time for sweep!”

– Natalie Vinegar

32. “A dvar torah – A WHAT. a Dvar Torah – A WHAT. A DVAR TORAH – OH A DVAR TORAH”

– Nicole Ann

33. “As Shabbos ebbs away”

– Marcia Ross Schwartz

34. “Ebbing”

– Eli Weinstein

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35. “C’mon guys just go back inside”

– Raanan Patty Gross

36. “Someday we will all be together…”

– Beth Goldsammler

37. “No need to thank me. I’m an advisor. It’s my job.”

– Ariella Fuzailof

38. “As Shabbos ebbs away”

– Marcia Ross Schwartz

39. “From a land devoid of Torah she came like a banshee of the prairies to become……”

– Berni Zierler

40. “Where’s the ruach”

– Jacob Daniel Karmia

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– Jordyn Stoltzman

42. “Yiba! Yiba! Yiba! Yiba!”

– Mordechai Gold

 43. “One hen, two dogs, three squawking geese, four corpulent porpoises…”

– Ronit Vertelney


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