60 Faces of NCSY

Often, a person has no idea of the impact he or she has made on someone else. 60 Faces of NCSY was created to change that. The people we feature every day were nominated by NCSY alumni and NCSYers to express gratitude to someone that inspired them.

Rabbi Elly Krimsky

Former Advisor
Nominated and written by Rabbi Daniel Loew, Former Chapter Director & NCSY Alumnus
When NCSY sent out an email asking “Who inspired you?” I immediately thought of Elly Krimsky. Elly (now Rabbi Krimsky) was an advisor in the great NER region when I began NCSY in ninth grade. I still have this image in my mind from my first shabbaton: I walked off the bus on Friday and into the shul in (I think) Norwalk, CT and Elly was sitting there and playing piano with a scarf wrapped around his neck. Thankfully, there were many fantastic advisors who inspired me in NCSY, but the relationship I subsequently developed with Elly was a huge influence on my life.

He was a great role model. He was cool (he was in the band!) and funny and also frum. He embodied what I began to aspire for myself. One thing that really spoke to me was his sincerity; his motivation was clearly lishma. Elly soon became a member of the region’s administration, organizing and running shabbatons, recruiting advisors, etc. As a member of regional board, I began to “work” with him planning events, and this provided another context for him to inspire me.

More memorable now, though, was our weekly chavrusa-by-phone learning Taanis. As a public school student, I treasured my relationship with him; being able to visit him in the YU dorms made an indelible impression. In fact, I ended up walking in his footsteps after high school, going to Yeshivat HaKotel, HASC, and YU. Elly was like an older brother to me, an inspirational role model of strong conviction and character with whom I had a very strong relationship.

Elly: Thanks for everything you did for a little kid from Hall High School.
Rabbi Krimsky is currently the program director of NJOP